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Meet the Team

Master Instructor

Master David Hodson VII

Chief Instructors

Mr Michael Simmonds V
Mrs Simone Hodson V

Senior Instructors

Mrs Kirstie Andrews-Millson V
Mr Chris Moat IV
Mr Richard Miles IV
Mr Ben Lines IV
Mrs Carly Miles IV


Mr Mark Watts III
Miss Elinor Buckle III
Miss Samantha Tilley III
Mrs Nicola Holland III
Mr Graeme Holland III
Mrs Ginny Woodyer III
Mr Chris Barrett II
Mr Tim Pitman II
Mr Mark Harrold II
Mr Trevor Burningham I

Assistant Instructors

Mr Oliver Edwards III
Mr Will Lansdown III
Mr Nathan Howells II
Miss Rachel Weston I

Safeguarding Officer & Child Protection Officer

Mrs Simone Hodson
(Fortitude Academy)
01342 302192

Deputy Safeguarding Officers

Mrs Carly Miles
(Kent & Surrey)

Mrs Kirstie Andrews-Millson
(Kent &Sussex)


Does my Instructor follow a Code of Conduct?

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Do I follow a Code of Conduct?

Yes, Students and Parents will note this by clicking the button below and also observe this in their Student Handbook.