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Horsham Students Work Experience Challenge

By Ryan and Charlie

For one week, two Fortitude Martial Arts Academy Students from the Horsham location, Charlie and Ryan, aged 15 and 14 respectively, came to Head Office in East Grinstead to work behind the scenes to find out how a Martial Arts Academy is run. During their time at the Head Office in East Grinstead the students learned how to effectively run a Martial Arts Academy, by processing grading information, registering students for the upcoming Summer Camp and Summer Competition, counting new stock for the Shop, sending Black Belt Grading Theory Test results to students and of course meeting the office dog Dora! Here's what they had to say. Ryan: "I've learnt a lot of skills that would be useful in any job not…

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New Year! New You? New Schools!?

Fortitude Martial Arts Academy are introducing 3 NEW SCHOOLS in 2018 - Maidstone, Redhill and Bromley. Last year we saw the start of Paddock Wood , Kings Hill and Borough Green covering the Tonbridge and Malling area. For more information click on the location name. We are forever looking to extend our services teaching Taekwon-Do across the South East and are very proud of our students taking the next steps and becoming Instructors. We shall support them and help them grow their schools and we are sure that Fortitude students, family and friends will join together to wish these new schools the very best. It was always a desire from the very beginning of Fortitude Academy to enable individuals…

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Samantha's Passage from Child Student to Adult Instructor

This Girl Can and DOES! I started Taekwon-Do when I was eight years old and have been training for the last 10 years. As a child I was incredibly shy and didn't like joining new clubs or meeting new people. I participated in many different sports, but found that I didn't want to continue any of them until I found Taekwon-Do. The instructors and students made me feel really welcome and encouraged me to join in with activities that I had never done before. As I progressed through the belts I continued to learn new skills and moves, which is what has encouraged me to continue training throughout the years. However, Taekwon-Do isn't only about learning self defence and meeting new…

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Jane's Journey to Second Degree Black Belt (and Beyond!)

This is Jane from our Coulsdon / Caterham location. We hope her story will inspire you: How long have you been training? Between 5 and 6 years I think. I was 44 when I started and am 49 now. I wish I had discovered martial arts 40 years ago. But I am glad I did find it eventually and I am proof that it is never too late to start. What is your favourite part? Where to start? There are so many aspects to the training that I enjoy....the patterns, the set sparring and sparring drills, the self defence, the technical theory. It is an all round workout for my body and brain: it helps me with my fitness, my flexibility,…

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Fleur's Taekwon-Do Story

I was aged four years and five months when I first put on a dobok. Having watched my big brother learn Taekwon-Do, I thought that it looked interesting and fun and I couldn't wait to be old enough to join in. On my very first lesson with Mr Simmonds, I remember feeling very nervous I was absolutely terrified of everything; the other students and all the other things in the dojang and even my instructor. He was very kind and funny and encouraged me to try the moves. I finally got used to it and enjoyed going every week. While I have been doing Taekwon-Do, I have had one main instructor - Mr Simmonds, and lots of really…

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Benefit of Taekwon-Do Training with Fortitude Academy

This is Marijan Rogic and his daughter Imani both students from our Oxted location. Marijan is 46 yrs and has been training with us for 2yrs. He says "Taekwon Do has an amazing effect on my physical wellbeing. My strength and flexibility improved. It feels like I have a new body. I enjoy sparring and to have the feeling of constant achievement while progressing through the grades". We asked Marijan if he would recommend Fortitude? His reply "I strongly recommend Fortitude for all ages. My instructor has rich experience adjusting the style and challenge of excercises to a variety of age groups". We also asked what he would say to anyone who was thinking of starting? his reply…

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Families that kick together, stick together!

Sharing a common goal When a child begins to learn a Martial Art, the idea has normally come from either mum or dad. They envisage their son or daughter learning about discipline, respect, how to deal with bullies and of course, it's a regular opportunity to burn off some of that excess energy! But - did you know that learning a Martial Art can offer so much more to every member of the family? Fortitude Academy isn't just for the kids, it's for you, the parents too... "Oh, but I'm too old"! "I'm not fit enough" "I've never done anything like this before" So, when you hear your children say: "I don't want to train tonight" "I've got homework" (most likely) "I'm too tired from school" QUESTION - "Do you…

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