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Samantha's Passage from Child Student to Adult Instructor

Samantha's Passage from Child Student to Adult Instructor

This Girl Can and DOES!

I started Taekwon-Do when I was eight years old and have been training for the last 10 years. As a child I was incredibly shy and didn't like joining new clubs or meeting new people. I participated in many different sports, but found that I didn't want to continue any of them until I found Taekwon-Do. The instructors and students made me feel really welcome and encouraged me to join in with activities that I had never done before.

As I progressed through the belts I continued to learn new skills and moves, which is what has encouraged me to continue training throughout the years. However, Taekwon-Do isn't only about learning self defence and meeting new people. I have found that it has helped me relieve stress throughout my GCSE's and A levels, which meant that I was able to go back to work with a clear mind.

At 12 I began to assist my instructor in classes starting off with basic things like holding the pads for other students; and as I continued to teach I learnt more about not just the martial art, but also about how different students learn, which is when I realised that in order for all students to get the best experience in class I needed to be able to adapt my style of teaching for the different needs of the pupils and different classes.

Taekwon-Do has provided me with lots of opportunities to grow as a person and I am now opening my own Taekwon-Do classes in Maidstone to try and give others the opportunity to progress in the way that I have and to gain the skills that you need not just in sport, but in everyday life, like self discipline, social skills and self motivation as well as motivating other people.

I would definitely recommend Taekwon-Do to anyone that is looking to start a new martial art or sport, learn new skills or relieve stress as it not only teaches you how to defend yourself against others, but also gives you a sense of family and belonging.

I am proud of my journey so far and excited about the future especially opening my Fortitude Martial Arts Academy in Maidstone this January 2018. To find more information about my classes click this link Maidstone and arrange your 30 Day Free Trial.

Samantha Tilley III Degree