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New Year! New You? New Schools!?

New Year! New You? New Schools!?

Fortitude Martial Arts Academy are introducing 3 NEW SCHOOLS in 2018 - Maidstone, Redhill and Bromley. Last year we saw the start of Paddock Wood , Kings Hill and Borough Green covering the Tonbridge and Malling area. For more information click on the location name.

We are forever looking to extend our services teaching Taekwon-Do across the South East and are very proud of our students taking the next steps and becoming Instructors. We shall support them and help them grow their schools and we are sure that Fortitude students, family and friends will join together to wish these new schools the very best.

It was always a desire from the very beginning of Fortitude Academy to enable individuals to not only benefit from the training of Taekwon-Do, but to empower them to teach Taekwon-Do and the far reaching philosophy of the martial arts - The Taekwon-Do philosophy is to 'build a more peaceful world'. Our Black Belts are diligently prepared and are given opportunities to support their Instructors in class to gain the skills required to teach the next generation. Helping new students hone their skills can be a demanding yet rewarding application of years of hard training, but becoming a teacher requires more than physical ability alone. The martial arts require mental and spiritual development; at Fortitude Academy we behave as a family, supporting each other and building communities so these new schools are an extension of the Fortitude Communities and we are one family. #Fortitudefamilyrocks

Keep an eye out for these schools and attend those closest to you; helping to engage new students and furthering the art of Taekwon-Do.

Don't forget to mention them and share - we look forward to seeing you back to training in 2018.


Mrs Hodson