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Horsham Students Work Experience Challenge

Horsham Students Work Experience Challenge

By Ryan and Charlie

For one week, two Fortitude Martial Arts Academy Students from the Horsham location, Charlie and Ryan, aged 15 and 14 respectively, came to Head Office in East Grinstead to work behind the scenes to find out how a Martial Arts Academy is run.

During their time at the Head Office in East Grinstead the students learned how to effectively run a Martial Arts Academy, by processing grading information, registering students for the upcoming Summer Camp and Summer Competition, counting new stock for the Shop, sending Black Belt Grading Theory Test results to students and of course meeting the office dog Dora!

Here's what they had to say.

Ryan: "I've learnt a lot of skills that would be useful in any job not just this one. I've also enhanced my Tae Kwon-do with Master Hodson as he's taught us more about board breaking and our patterns which were limited before - I've been enlightened."

Charlie: "It was very educational and informative to see not just how the Horsham location is run, but how all the locations overall are run from the Head Office. This experience helped me to further extend my appreciation for the organisation and effort that goes into co-ordinating events such as Gradings and Competitions."

Mrs Hodson: "It has been an absolute pleasure to have Charlie and Ryan from the Forest School in Horsham work with us for the week. They've been throwing themselves at every task with enthusiasm and we've been absolutely delighted to have them.

As students of our Horsham Taekwon-Do School they have been given the opportunity to see how an academy is run by completing every day tasks, practicing their Taekwon-Do with Master Hodson and creating a blog about their time to publish on the website. I hope that you find it a good read!"