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Families that kick together, stick together!

Families that kick together, stick together!

Sharing a common goal
When a child begins to learn a Martial Art, the idea has normally come from either mum or dad. They envisage their son or daughter learning about discipline, respect, how to deal with bullies and of course, it's a regular opportunity to burn off some of that excess energy!
But - did you know that learning a Martial Art can offer so much more to every member of the family?
Fortitude Academy isn't just for the kids, it's for you, the parents too...
"Oh, but I'm too old"!
"I'm not fit enough"
"I've never done anything like this before"
So, when you hear your children say:
"I don't want to train tonight"
"I've got homework" (most likely)
"I'm too tired from school"
QUESTION - "Do you insist that they go"? Well, you've paid! It would be a waste of money not to!
They are just excuses aren't they....
Hmmm ... do you make similar excuses? Is there an inner voice telling you to give it a go, challenge yourself, don't sit on the side-lines? Remember you're the one who thought about Martial Arts first! There are some interesting facts about what happens when parents start to train with their kids.
• The active routine provides "quality time" that they don't get at home or in sports where one party is just a spectator.
• Children often see their parents in a new, more positive light.
• They are more open to discussions about values and virtues.
• Parents get to model the actions and attitudes they want their children to have. This makes a powerful impression on a child's developing persona, much better than lectures alone.
• There is a special joy that comes from sharing trials with family members, in addition to the mental, physical, and emotional health rewards earned in the martial arts.
• The old saying that "the family that kicks together sticks together" is true in many cases because of the unique fellowship students enjoy while training, competing, and growing in knowledge and skill together.
• Family members learn to encourage and rely on each other. This builds loyalty, respect, and gratitude. By working together in a social setting like a Taekwon-Do class, good relationships with other individuals are easier to create and maintain.
• Families in Taekwon-Do often become friends with other Taekwon-Do families. This opens the door to positive, lasting relationships that improve the quality of life for everyone involved.
• Studying a Martial Art has been proven to provide mental and physical health benefits like weight loss, muscle gain, stress relief, and self-confidence. Taekwon-Do training also reduces depression, improves circulation, and improves the overall health of the body. Now more than ever, lots of parents, kids, and siblings are training together. This builds family unity and gives everyone the chance to teach and learn from each other.

So if you have an ounce of interest then we're ready at
You can cancel that expensive gym membership NOW; let your children be your inspiration and come training with them....
It's not difficult to start with the same 30 day free trial your children did!
Mrs Hodson

These pictures are the Fortitude Families; a small fraction of the 85 families training together each week..#fortitudefamilyrocks