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Juniors (9 years +)

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Martial Arts for 9+ years olds

Fortitude Junior Classes are designed for 9 years +. The Fortitude Martial Art Juniors syllabus is based on the ITF Taekwon-Do traditional syllabus. The children progress in a well structured class, which includes learning patterns, self defence techniques, sparring and flying kicks.

These classes will help children focus, channel energy, learn self control, increase confidence and self esteem. 'Fortitude' means to have a strong mind as well as a strong body and that is one of the main aims for our schools. With a strong mind our students can avoid and deal with bullies and negative peer groups, focus and concentrate on their studies and build positive relationships. All our classes are designed to helping our students to lead positive successful lives. So sign up today for your Free Trial !

Designed for 9 to 12 yrs

ITF Taekwon-Do Syllabus

Learn Self Defence

Gain Confidence