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Ninjas (3-5 years)

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Martial Arts for 3-5 years olds

Fortitude Ninjas is the name of our youngest group of budding Taekwon-Do students aged from only 3 years old to 5 years old. The benefits for Martial Arts training as a Fortitude Ninja: Increased Co-ordination & Motor Skills, Greater Attention Span, Improved Confidence & Self Esteem and Channel Energy in a Positive Way.

We have been teaching this age group for many years; the children love our classes and parents are happy to see their children learning respect and discipline while having fun too! Our classes are structured to include martial arts skills and games as well as life skills development. This includes focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness & co-ordination. We teach via positive recognition and the children are rewarded for good behaviour, they also progress through a belt ranking system that is specially designed to link into the next age range Dragons (6-8 years). So sign up today for your 'Free Trial'


Greater Attention Span

Improved Confidence

Belt Ranking System

Please note

Some of our ninja classes are from 4 years old and not 3 years old, please check when enquiring.