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4 Week Free Trial

Fortitude Martial Arts Academy are always eager to see new members; to support and work with the people that are looking to make a positive change to their lives. Your free trial is a 4 Week Free trial across all of our Taekwon-Do classes, which cover Sussex , Surrey and Kent . There is no limit on the number of classes that you can try during your trial; we feel it is important that you try as many local locations to you as possible. We have found that most students find that 2 x Taekwon-Do lessons a week is the right balance to achieve their goals.

Please click on the county above to see classes in your area or simply choose from the list below:

The Taekwon-Do Free Trial is open to all aged from 3 years and above; so to start your free trial simply complete the Booking Form by clicking on the Sign Up for a 'FREE Trial' here button, which is incorporated in the location page you are interested in attending. So don't delay investigate your favoured location and sign up today!