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Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp 2017

Monday 19th June 2017

Again this year we are proudly able to host two Summer Camps:
Option 1 - Tonbridge week commencing 31st July
Option 2 - East Grinstead week commencing 7th August

You can book all 5 days, but hurry 20% discounts ends 30th June (only available when booking & paying 5 days)
Or alternatively you can choose individual days at £30 per day.

The activity timetable is:
What's included in the 5 days:
Each day starts with the Taekwon-Do Oath and syllabus based Fundamentals, Patterns, Kicking Combinations and Padwork
Team Building Day
Bouncy Castles and Water Pistol Battle
Sparring, Sword Sparring, Weapons, Board Breaking and Bouncy Castles
Bouncy Castles and Water Pistol Battle
11 am Grading and 3.00pm Taekwon-Do Show! :)

CONTACT Phone Number(s) and any relevant Medication (i.e Asthma Inhalers)
Dobok & Belt (please arrive in your Do-Bok)
Full Sparring Kit and any Foam Weapons with your name on (will also be on sale)
Packed Lunch (with cartons of juice) & Water 2 x 500ml (no fizzy drinks please) plus afternoon snacks
Outdoor clothing including trainers / crocs, flip flops etc (will get dirty and possibly wet!)
Towel and Bag for dirty clothes (change of underwear and socks after water pistol battle)
Water pistol (please name)
Enthusiasm and a smile :D

If you have your red tip and are close to being ready to grade then you may be invited to grade on the Friday (details will be provided during the week)

Everybody who attends the Summer Camp will receive an achievement certificate

All the Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Helpers are looking forward to the Summer Camp and they will all be working hard to make the 5 days as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.
Should you have any questions please ask your instructor or contact the office via email or call 01342 302192

We endeavour to stick to this format provided the UK weather keeps up its end of the bargain! We've booked sunshine!
So watch the clips via these links Summer Camp Morning and Summer Camp Afternoon, there are more clips available on YouTube.
What you will see is that the Fortitude Instructors and Assistants are at the heart of everything - your childs learning, achievements and fun!
You don't need to ask "Will my son or daughter enjoy Summer Camp?"
It is evident that we will deliver and remember what you've just watched is just one day! So check your dates and click below to book online...

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