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Senior Master Sahota

Senior Master Sahota

Tuesday 27th March 2018
Seminar with the IUTF Technical Director

Seminar with Senior Master Sahota -
7th April 2018 - 2pm till 6pm -
Kings Leisure Centre, East Grinstead

Senior Master Sahota Started training in Taekwon-do in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire in the summer of 1973, whilst waiting for his CSE Secondary School exam results. At that time the UKTA School was run by Mr Bill McCracken and Mr Bob Howe. When he received his CSE results as the Star Pupil of Park Boys Secondary School, he decided to take on further education in the field of Electronics as an Engineer. At this time, Senior Master Sahota was unaware that his career and life was to be dedicated to Taekwon-do.

However, Senior Master Sahota clearly was committed to the art of Taekwon-Do receiving his colour belt promotions and First Degree Black Belt with Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha. However, during this time and due to moving Senior Master Sahota found himself in a location with no Taekwon-Do schools, it was a difficult time, but Senior Master Sahota found a solution and had to travel a 50 mile round trip twice per week. An indication to us at Fortitude Academy of his determination and dedication to attain his First Degree Black Belt. Thereafter he graded with Grand Master Hee Ill Cho from the USA up to 4th Degree. Senior Master Sahota had the absolute privilege to grade under the Father and Founder General Choi Hong Hi to 5th Degree in Ireland and to 6th Degree in Vienna, Austria; receiving complimentary comments from the Founder.

Throughout his early Taekwon-Do career Senior Master Sahota has travelled Europe, America, Canada and the Far East attending 18, 3 day International Training Seminars (IIS) with the Founder and 4 IIS with Master Choi Jung Hwa. This is where his interest developed regarding the technical aspects of patterns and he began to translate the teachings of General Choi's ITF Taekwon-Do. To enhance his knowledge further Senior Master Sahota studied academically as a Personal Trainer to combine his teaching with proper training methods.

The year 2018 marks the 25th year anniversary of the formation of the UKGT and Senior Master Sahota's 45th year as a student and pioneer of Taekwon-Do. I am sure that you will join us on the 7th April to celebrate these auspicious milestones and come and learn from a Master who has been awarded the title of Technical Director by Grand Master Hwang of the IUTF. Your Taekwon-Do journey can only benefit from such broad teaching and we encourage your attendance.