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Spring Competition 2019

Spring Competition 2019

Monday 21st January 2019

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March
Sackville School
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 3TY

Why compete?

The initial answer is simple; it's a test of your ability in that it highlights if your training endeavours are working or if you may need to push harder.
What about (inter club) in-house competitions? There needs to be a slightly different approach to these. Not all competitors will have been training for the accolade of a gold medal, some students recognise the opportunity as a safe way to challenge themselves. They may well be competing against students with whom they train weekly; it's also a great opportunity to meet new students. The competitive element is definitely there, but this, I would suggest in in-house competitions, is just an undercurrent. The crucial factor at this particular type of competition is personal growth. The student can gain so much from these experiences; this is where I would like to highlight that the satisfaction of winning a sparring match may not actually be the thing that teaches you the most. Well, what is, you may well ask?

During the November 2018 in-house competition, a young female competitor named Sophie caught my eye for her ability to make a personal connection with her only opponent. Her rival was at her first ever competition and was a lower ranking belt. Nowadays when we only have a few teenage girls competing, they are generally matched together. I saw Sophie reassure her opponent and take her time to guide her where necessary. I watched how Sophie congratulated her opponent at each stage - patterns, flying kicks, power and sparring. She had no other person to test her ability but made sure that their day together was the best and memorable for all the right reasons.

So why compete? The answer has changed slightly; to challenge yourself in all your strengths and weaknesses, physical, mental and moral. Start with your inter house competitions which will guide you and move you onto to the bigger events - Open Championships, Europeans and the maybe Worlds. But remember how you conduct yourself is always key to your success and will not go unnoticed. Be a winner in all three of the elements - Physical, Mental and Moral.

Thank you to Sophie for helping me see this, I have been instructing for 20 years and there is never a time that you stop learning from others regardless of grade, gender, race or religion. Be open to your Taekwon-Do journey.

I look forward to seeing new and old competitors at our Spring Competition. We've changed the format slightly so that Teens and Adults come on the Saturday from 3.00pm - watch the video clip below which highlights our adults and teens competing. Don't hesitate to enter, challenge yourself today!

Yours in Taekwondo

Mrs Simone Hodson
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