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Master Hodson Seminar - 'Get your training back on track!'

Master Hodson Seminar - 'Get your training back on track!'

Friday 27th January 2017

Saturday 21st January was the date of our first seminar of the year. The venue was the assembly hall at Sackville School East Grinstead, forty two students attended from several Fortitude schools, with a mix of grade and age from white belt to 2nd degree. Master Hodson VII took the seminar and was assisted by Mrs Hodson IV. This seminar was similar to our previous ones at this time of the year and is aptly regarded as the "Get your training back on track". Its a great one to attend if like most you enjoyed the festive end of year period, and would like to hit the ground running for the start of 2017. The 3 hrs where split between warm up - with many new warm up drills enjoyed by everybody, patterns practice, sparring drills and free sparring. Black belts focussed on their 3 main patterns, 2nd degrees enjoying extended time on the break down of techniques in Juche. Colour belts as well as patterns practice had the opportunity of extended time on the breakdown of basic movements. Any improvement in the basics increases better performance all round and it is where most of the gains are made for the student to progress. In the sparring drills section new drills where introduced utilising a feint move to open up the opponent. Free sparring was enjoyed by everyone as students were partnered with similar opponent either by height or weight. The 3 hours went by very quickly and students appreciated the stretching cool down as Master Hodson complimented them on their efforts and "great energy" making the seminar one to be positively remembered by all.

David Hodson VII degree Fortitude Academy