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Tuesday 7th February 2017

What's New for FEBRUARY!
We have decided at Fortitude that FEBRUARY is FAMILY MONTH! We are starting a campaign with all our Instructors to take pictures in class of all their students who train as a family to help encourage more families to do the same. We have calculated that we have over 85 families who train weekly at Fortitude Academy sharing in the benefits of training together toward a common goal 'Black Belt'.
Master Hodson and myself saw the benefits early on in our teaching careers when our first family joined in 2000. This impressed upon us the ultimate in Taekwon-Do training and started our journey to fulfil this for many more families including our own.
When parents join their children in class, they both benefit in several ways.
• The active routine provides "quality time" that they don't get at home or in sports where one party is just a spectator.
• Children often see their parents in a new light.
• They are more open to discussions about values and virtues.
• Parents get to model the actions and attitudes they want their children to have. This makes a powerful impression on a child's developing persona, much better than lectures alone.
• There is a special joy that comes from sharing trials with family members, in addition to the mental, physical, and emotional health rewards earned in the martial arts.
• The old saying that "the family that kicks together sticks together" is true in many cases. That's because of the unique fellowship students enjoy while training, competing, and growing in knowledge and skill together.
• Family members learn to encourage and rely on each other. This builds loyalty, respect, and gratitude. By working together in a social setting like Taekwon-Do class, good relationships with other individuals are made easier to create and maintain. Families in Taekwon-Do often become friends with other Taekwon-Do families. This opens the door to positive, lasting relationships that improve the quality of life for everyone involved.
Martial arts have been shown to provide mental and physical health benefits like weight loss, muscle gain, stress relief, and self-confidence. Taekwon-Do training also reduces depression, improves circulation, and improves overall health of the body. Now more than ever, lots of parents, kids, and siblings are training together. This builds family unity and gives everyone the chance to teach and learn from each other.
So are you that 'Mum' or 'Dad' watching your son or daughter train? Do you wonder if you could do it? Could you be a family equipped with practical self-defence? What you want for your children you could emulate in yourself....Well it's time to stop thinking and join in, we offer a 30 day trial, a family discount on joining fees and training fees. There are daytime classes in our full time Do-Jangs (East Grinstead and Tonbridge) and Family classes available in many of our locations go to to find your class.
There is everything to gain from this adventure!

Master and Mrs Hodson